Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'd Rather Be Casting Out Devils

When I heard the song about exorcism on Keith and Megan Cook's CD project, I just laughed out loud. (Well, have you ever heard a song about exorcism before?) So I sent out a blog about it, just last Monday, in fact. Then, as the week went on, I came to the conclusion that I should organize my Sunday sermon around the theme of the CD project: Narrow Road. So that’s what I did!

We also asked Keith and Megan to sing for us in our morning service August 10. We videotaped them and wanted to give you a chance to see it.

Of course, it wasn't just the Cook's CD project that inspired the sermon. I had been profoundly moved by a holy moment that occurred as we were receiving communion in the Sunday PM Service the week before. Our singers and musicians lost themselves in worship as we prepared to approach the table. That moment too was captured on video and I encourage you to watch all five minutes.

We are sending you this email because we are trying to learn how to share the gospel and build Christian community in our highly technological age. In fact, that's what my sermon was about: Discerning the mission of God by observing how He distributes the gifts of the Holy Spirit upon a particular people in a specific season.

So if you enjoy either -- or both of these videos -- share them with friends. By watching how widely they get distributed, we hope to learn how to use internet related technologies to make friends for our church, share our mission with the world and expand the gifts (and vision) of our congregation.

Ok, one more shameless plug: you can see the sermon in its entirety by clicking on visiting the sermons page of the Christ Church Website. Or, if you prefer a written version, just write me a note: You can also purchase the Cook's CD Narrow Road and other products by Christ Church composers, singers and writers on our site.

God bless each of you -- we are thankful for every member of our extended Christ Church Family.

Dan Scott
Senior Pastor
Christ Church Nashville

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Flower of God said...

God is on the move! He has begun a hunger and thirst for the real thing and I say "Yes Lord take us there!" Take us out of our area of comfort, fill us up with your Holy Spirit to go bring the Good News to the lost, to the sick, to the captive, to the hopeless, to cast out Demons, let's live the real thing, let's stand up of our sits roll up our sleeves and do the work of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus when He walked on this earth is within you and me, is not about our abilities it is about His abilities and power. He is so great! Let's just believe in Him ans live His life, He is faithful.

God bless you! 